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How can I reduce my business mobile phone contract bill?

Let’s be honest, you will get bills and they might not be as reducible as you imagine. That being said, there are some smarter ways to deal with it.

Some are quite obvious and directly help in reducing costs while some are a little harder to grasp because it feels like you’re paying more. 

Money has velocity, invest it in the right place and it will gain momentum. So the answer might not be reducing bills, but rather investing wisely to maximise results. 

Let’s start with the basics.

1. Go for multiple handsets on a business plan 

(And ditch personal plans if you’re still on them.)

Simply put, business phone contracts are cheaper for you than using personal contracts. They’re created with the expectation that they’ll be bought in bulk and distributed across a business.

So the deals they come with, and the additional software and support you get are built-in and can be scaled as you grow your business to add more phones and contracts to your business easily under the same plan.

Whether it’s getting cheaper contracts for buying multiple phones, or being able to pool and distribute data across devices to avoid additional costs, investing in business phones is a cheaper option in the long term.

2. Choose the perfect business phone plan

This might seem obvious, but we often end up subscribing to either too-expensive plans that are not needed or relatively cheaper ones that bleed more money in the long term. 

Before finding a good deal, choose the best network.

Consider factors like straightforward pricing, scalability, remote work capabilities, and responsive customer support. Ensure that the provider’s plans align with your business’s needs.

Since you’re already seeking out service providers, do give us a visit 🙂 

So rather than looking at the prices first, focus on a reliable service with essential features that benefit both your company and customers. 

Start by selecting the right amount of data. 

Preferably, go for unlimited packages and leverage VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) for international calling. While you’re at it, bundle broadband with handsets to get massive discounts and look further into benefits and discounts specially designed for business. 

Next, opt for add-ons like roaming, insurance, device care or tech support. 

These add-ons save you time and money and they protect you from paying hefty charges for roaming, phone damage, or any other unexpected charges. Again, be aware of your specific business needs when choosing these add-ons.

And voila! you have the ultimate business plan that is not only cost-effective but also gives you enough potential to increase returns.

3. Leverage from tax write-offs:

If you don’t know about it already, business phone contract subscribers can

offset the costs of their phones by claiming them in annual tax returns.

If you invest in dedicated phones under the name of your business, you’re able to claim the full costs of the phones and the contract. 

4. Use spend managers.

Network apps help you track usage and expenses, ensuring you stay within your budget. It gives you an idea about how much data you need and you can even benchmark your average monthly cost per user to identify potential cost-saving opportunities. Consider all aspects of communication expenses, including phone, internet, and data usage.

   5. Analyse your business phone contract bills:

Phone bills are often designed to be confusing and difficult to read so that you pay the bill without understanding what you’re paying for.

Scrutinise it carefully, take time to understand every line item on your bill, and if you find discrepancies or unclear charges, question them.

Watch Out for Third-Party Charges

Be vigilant about third-party charges on your bill. These fees, often overlooked, can add up over time. Potential savings range from £2 to £5 per charge per month.    

Overall Saving potential: 

Active bill monitoring and implementing these tips can lead to substantial cost reductions, often in the range of 30-40%! 

What if I don’t understand my bill?

There’s a high chance you will have to talk to customer service or an account manager to understand the bill details. If there is no room for reduction, seek out service providers with straightforward billing practices to minimise surprises. 

To make things even more convenient, we offer bill analysis as part of our business phone plan subscriptions. 

Last but not least, choose a local vendor:

Consider selecting a local service provider that can offer personalised support and transparent pricing, helping you save in the long run. 

Yes, we’re talking about us. 

Give Your Business An Edge. 

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