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Is Samsung’s S24 Ultra the new best phone for business?

Looking at the beautiful and classy S24 Ultra, only one thing comes to mind: Should we switch to it? 

We think business! and for that, The S24 Ultra is a worthy challenge to all other smartphones. Especially in the AI frontier. 

So, what can you do with it? And how good or bad is it for business? And most importantly, where can you get it? 

Let’s start with AI: Seemingly the new battlefield for Smartphones.

AI is only going to get better and ever so important. This is why S24 is the first phone to come with Galaxy AI – which is admittedly a lot cooler than we were expecting it to be. 

You’ve got an upgraded voice meeting app, and it’s a gem. 

Just plop your phone down on our table to record, and It can determine who the speakers within a conversation are for up to 20 people. This feature alone makes it super attractive to all business customers. And it can even summarise those meetings and translate them into other languages.

Notes and pdfs: It feels like absolute magic at your fingertips. 

If you download a PDF on your phone, one tap will summarise it. If browsing a website, you have a button to read the entire page and churn out a good summary within 2 seconds.

Or, if you’re making notes in your notes app, you can use AI to organise the entire document with headers, subheadings and bullet points. It can summarise any points you’ve waffled about for too long and even add an automatic cover page to easily navigate them afterward.

The live translation feature is brilliant-ish…

It’s such a prominent feature that it will change global communication. 

It’s the ability to talk to any person in any language and them being able to hear you in their own native tongue without even needing an S24 of their own! 

The translation happens in nearly real-time as you talk. So, It won’t feel as bogged down as one would expect. 

However, it won’t be very accurate; it might still get some words wrong, but that’s a blog for another day. 

There’s circle-to-search feature, which is literally there. Anytime you want.

Hold down the home button, circle something, and your phone will google that exact thing. It is perfect for things we can’t articulate into words, like a product we’ve seen somewhere and we want to get it. 

Up next: The new Smart Keyboard

Which has a chat assist baked into it. And that does three things: Translation, writing style, and grammar. 

Let’s say you’re typing out a message but want to swap out the language. Tap chat translation, and then you just pick which one.

That part’s pretty simple, and it’s done well. The spelling and grammar check is nice, too. If you’re using your phone to type out serious emails and want a second pair of eyes to have a full scan when you’re done, it’s powerful to have that level of reassurance at your fingertips.

The most interesting one is definitely the writing style.

When you tap the button for it, you get back what you’ve written, but in a different tone, casual to professional. We see a lot of potential in this for business communication.

It makes sense to build all these chat assist bits into your keyboard. It means they’re with you all the time, and it will actually make things quicker versus the alternative, which is using another app or website to do your translation and then copy and paste that translated result back.

Built-in AI is much better than using the cloud.  

The difference is massive in what is done on your device and what is being done on the cloud.

If you have an AI feature that can be pulled off entirely on your device, it’s likely faster because it doesn’t need to connect to the internet. It’s more reliable and safer since no data leaves your phone.

In this regard, Samsung’s phone wins over Google’s Pixel 8. 

What about all the other stuff?

Now that companies are dialing up the involvement of AI in your phone, all the talk about chipsets now makes more sense.

The S24 Ultra is powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip, the meatiest upgrade in the last five years. 

This is the first time you can say it is more powerful than the latest iPhone. And It should be. It helps control the phone’s temperature, battery life, and how well all AI features perform.

Finally, yep. The cameras look good. We won’t make any claim since we have yet to try them. AI features are also embedded there; you’ve got slow-motion and editing effects that will be highly convenient.  

Where can you get the S24 Ultra on a business contract?

S24 Ultra is available for pre-order at all major networks. These are the best offers to go for: 


Price from £43.80 per month (ex VAT)

£33.33 upfront (ex VAT) On a 36-month Phone Plan with a 36-month Unlimited Data Plan.


Pay half price on your mobile data Plan for the first six months of your contract and save £108


Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra 5G for business 

£30 upfront, £50.50 monthly

20GB data.

Give Your Business The Edge.

We offer the S24 Ultra at the same price but with added support for free. Since telecom is crucial, setting things right from the beginning is essential. Team up with us and see how we can make a difference. 

Pre Order S24 Ultra.

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    Samsung’s S24 Ultra is making waves in the business world with its cutting-edge AI features and robust performance. It offers tools like AI-enhanced meeting summaries, multilingual live translation, and smart keyboard functions that enhance writing style and grammar, making it a standout choice for professionals. With the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip, it promises superior performance over rivals, including better AI integration and battery management. It’s available for pre-order on business contracts, offering powerful tools for modern business needs. 📱👔🌐

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