Increase business productivity using mobile phones

How to increase productivity for my business using mobile phones?

Is your phone working as hard as it could be?

29.4% of small businesses are still leaving money on the table simply by not using the full potential of their mobile devices. 

We must learn how to use our mobile phones to build a better business. Mobile phones are not just a distraction at the workplace; they’re a productivity powerhouse! The potential is HUGE. It all depends on how much we tap into it. 

Now, how do we do it? It’ss simple-ish… 

Let’s break it down into three stages:   

Stage 1: Getting the proper mobile devices and network.


The more powerful the phone, the more productively and smoothly things will run. So, choosing a suitable device is imperative, considering all factors like security, processor, productivity apps, and a camera (if necessary for your business). 

Get phones for your employees to develop the ultimate workforce.

The next step is ensuring your employees have the best devices. The best way to achieve this is to buy phones under business contracts for your employees. 

Once you’ve sorted out these basic steps, you’ll have enough results to consider more ways to leverage mobile phones. 


You will only work best if you have the best network and internet. So, ideally, that runs parallel with the first step.    

Mobile network coverage is also essential for ensuring employees have reliable and consistent connectivity. 

Research and select a mobile network provider that offers good coverage in the areas where their employees work and travel. This will ensure that employees can stay connected and productive at all times.

Get in touch with a local network service provider.

The best way to achieve this is by contacting a local service network provider -they’ll hook you up with the best phones on discounted business contracts and data packages. They also have solutions to all connectivity problems, so you’ll never have to worry about network problems if you set this right in the first place. 

Stage 2: Create the perfect mobile device management strategy. 

It’s more than just getting the phones that matter. The exciting part begins in the second stage. 

Avoid mobile devices becoming a distraction and a security threat. 

A study by the Harvard Business Review found that a flexible work environment can increase productivity by up to 13%.

 MDM allows IT administrators to manage and secure mobile devices remotely. This can include device enrollment, configuration management, inventory management, security management, and compliance enforcement. 

By implementing MDM, businesses can ensure that mobile devices are secure, comply with company policies, and track productivity between remote teams and their managers.  

Stage 3: Get Mobile Apps 

Small businesses can use millions of free and paid apps to improve their businesses. For example, restaurants have significantly increased their take-out and delivery sales using food delivery services that customers use to order via an app. Customers who accept a variety of payment options via apps like Zelle, CashApp and Google Pay will lose fewer customers and generate more sales.

Mobile collaboration software has become a must-have tool for the modern-day workplace. Digitising your company culture will allow you to utilise mobile collaboration to get the most out of your frontline employees and the rest of the company.

By developing custom mobile apps, businesses can provide employees the tools to complete their work efficiently and effectively.

Another best practice is mobile app development. 

Creating custom mobile apps tailored to the Busia business’s needs helps relations and increase productivity. 

These apps can include everything from project management tools to customer relationship management (CRM) software, time tracking, and invoicing systems. By developing custom mobile apps, businesses can provide employees the tools to complete their work efficiently and effectively. 

Give Your Business An Edge. 

Remember when we were talking about getting a local network service provider? We’re that service provider. Try us out, and you’ll have impeccable telecom and phones ready to thrive with you in your business.

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