what's the difference between business and personal phone plans?

What’s the difference between business and personal phone plans?

Business and Personal Phone Plans in Somerset, UK

Each customer’s needs differ, and we always try to find the best solution. A local company in Taunton wanted to sign up for a business plan. But before buying a deal, they wanted to learn the difference between business and standard plans. So we’re going to address it in detail. 

“Business customers save more on tax when they buy multiple devices. They also have additional services and features designed to boost their business. Personal plans are more suited for individual use”. 

For example, The best features of Vodafone business plans include; rapid insurance, On-net anywhere, device support, and PayPal Here. These features are specifically made for business customers differentiating them from standard plans.

To understand the benefits more, let’s look at the company’s business. They are event managers in Somerset, and one of their biggest problems in business is ensuring smooth communication with clients and employees. They want everyone to have a good phone with full network availability so that no one loses contact. 

What are the benefits of a business phone contract?

Multiple handsets at discounted prices 

Sign up for a business contract and buy handsets for all employees. These handsets will be registered under a business name; since the company is VAT registered, you can claim the VAT back. Ultimately saving more in the longer run. 

Special features and add-ons designed  to accelerate your business

In addition to the business plans, get business add-ons like Rapid Insurance and One-net Anywhere. These features are tailored to your business. For instance, an event manager might need one landline-like number that they can use even when not in the office. Or we can advise them to opt for insurance since they move a lot, and the chances of losing a phone increase. So they can take advantage of insurance with a faster replacement in any unfortunate circumstance.

More services that give value to your business.

Services like setting up devices and one-to-one tutorials come within your business package. However, for regular customers, there is a charge £25 one-off fee per device for these services. So business customers are instantly saving money here. And these services are absolutely amazing to increase productivity and affordability.

Dedicated business manager.

You will have access to a personal Business Manager for your business administration needs. So straight away, you’re getting a lot more for your money.

How does purchasing phones for employees benefit you?

  • You save on business tax and VAT. 
  • Having work phones separate from personal phones, employees work with better productivity and can maintain a healthy work-life balance. 
  • Productivity increases because, with a business phone plan, you can ensure everyone gets the necessary software and applications on their handsets. 
  • With business contracts, employees feel more engaged and enjoy it as an employee benefit which reduces labour turnover.  

Give your business an edge!

In summary, added benefits, personalised support, and the same platform for communication will give your business the boost it requires. Still, trying to decide what plan to go for? Talk to us, and we will find the best business solution for you. Contact us at info@initiis.co.uk, Visit our website or visit our nearest store. Thinking about what handset to go for? Here are a few things you need to consider.

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