We left our phones at home and went to work - Here’s what happened next!

We left our phones at home and went to work – Here’s what happened next

Whether it’s a crucial call from your client or mindless scrolling through Instagram; without five minutes of phone, we feel a bit weird and incomplete. So what happens if we leave our phones at home? Will it have all those benefits everyone talks about?

Fascinated by how the day would turn out, all our team members decided that on any random day, we would leave our phones at home.

It started as a nightmare:

Sam is our marketing manager, he needs to stay in contact with everyone at various locations in the store. Not having the phone hit him the hardest. He had no contact with anyone. He needed his phone for checking promotions and coverage speed and he couldn’t research any required information on the spot.

The day started as panic for Rachel too. She wanted to stay in touch with her family while working. Luke and Kevin constantly needed phones to look up anything. They missed Apple Pay and supermarket club cards that give discount codes. They also missed a lot of daily comms at work. 

Without a phone it was oddly quiet, we didn’t have their greatest weapon with us so tackling issues at the store was a hassle. 


The disastrous feeling only lasted for a little while. When the experiment was over, we gathered around to get feedback on how the day went for everyone and the results were incredible. Here are the surprising elements that we all felt.

Our focus on work was off the charts and we found extra time.

British Psychological Society says that having a phone at work makes it more boring. We felt this first-hand when we didn’t have phones. 

Here’s the thing about phones: All the mindless scrolling and constantly bombarded with social media posts make our brains lazy and as a consequence, we find our work boring. 

With phones out of the picture, we were more interested in doing our work and putting our energy into it gave us a productivity boost. Not using phones surprisingly made way for tasks that are often left. 

Going back home was more exciting.

Giving your social and personal life a break while you’re at work makes it better when you get back home!

When you have the habit of constantly using your phone, you don’t try too much to focus on the people you’re with. By developing the habit of staying away from social media, you’ll be more invested in how your family’s day has been. 

Leaving a phone at home is not all magical, There’s a catch…

Here’s the problem: In these times, we simply cannot work without phones.

Although phones have psychological impacts and occupy too much of our brains but are required for nearly every task around us. 

Especially when we’re running a business. We can’t even afford to live without a phone for a day. Making it a daily practice would be a disaster for all of us. 

So what’s the solution then? 

We’re looking for a way in which we can enjoy the pros of leaving a phone at home while not being deprived of all the things that make our business super efficient.

Separate your personal life from work.

The best solution is to buy business plans and give employees handsets that you have registered under a business name. Employees will not only be happy to have a handset, it’ll drastically increase their productivity. 

Give your Business The Edge.

Buying phones may look like a heavy initial investment, but in the long run, it adds so much value that you’ll regret not starting this practice earlier. 

However, it depends on the nature of your business on what strategy to adopt. It’s best to consult a tech advisor before you set out to buy phone contracts. We can help get the most suitable package.

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