How add-ons on a business phone plan make a difference

How add-ons on a business phone plan make a difference

It is empowering to walk out of your business and think, ‘Wow that was an amazing day.’ Inevitably, there are also days in distress, when everything is falling apart and you cannot rely on anyone but yourself to keep things running.

While these good and bad days will never end, there are ways that can increase the good-day ratio. One of those ways is partnering with a service that gives you the best business add-ons on your business phone plans.

Why should you consider business add-ons?

Businesses need digital connectivity services that align with their budget, goals and needs. A service that understands how crucial connectivity is, how it empowers businesses and a network that goes out of its way to offer businesses more reliability. 

This is why we’re giving a shout-out to business add-ons that we offer. They add value and reliability to your business, ensuring less stressful days, and giving you an edge. 

Device Support: Unlimited tech support on all connected devices

Device support takes the foremost position on the list. The 36-month business contracts include this add-on at no cost! 

As the number of interconnected devices grows, the significance of having robust device support becomes even more pronounced.

Rather than spending extra money on third-party services and wasting time trying to resolve issues on your own, it’s a lot more convenient to have tech support pre-integrated with your network and connected devices. 

Talk to a tech expert right away, and get a solution in simple, understandable terms

You can talk to a tech expert right away and get the best solutions for your phone, tablet, printer or smart home devices. This service is available via chat as well (7 days a week) so that your business never needs to stop.

Data Protection and Storage

And it’s not just tech support, it also takes care of your business and customer data with cloud storage that has bank-level encryption. With 100 GB of cloud storage space to back up, you have no fear of losing data. 

You can relax with a secure backup for all your data and contacts – even if you lose your phone or any other connected device. Simply install device support on your replacement phone and tap restore backup.

Optimal device performance

Mobile devices are essential for your small business, so you need to keep it in the best health. With the Device Support app, you get daily check-ups on your device’s battery, charging, data and overall health.

Business Support: Legal and HR advice

HR is responsible for the overall safety and performance of employees which involves elements of employment law. Something that requires expertise and while we handle our business, we cannot deep dive into these aspects. 

This is why we offer business support for an additional £4 a month.

Get free consultations for legal advice ensuring that employees are treated fairly throughout processes such as recruitment, appraisals and dismissals. These are to keep order, avoid legal disputes down the line and make sure you are treating your colleagues fair. 

Get legal document templates

Download free legal document templates, Like employment contracts, health and safety policies, etc.  

You can use the benefits of business support add-ons throughout the contract, whenever you have a new query. 

There are far more benefits and opportunities in signing a business contract like rapid insurance, international calling, dedicated account managers and discounted roaming charges uniquely set up to empower businesses.

Give your Business an Edge.

Speaking of business services, we give businesses the edge. From connectivity, and bill analysis to tech integration, we make sure you get the best of digital connectivity and maximise your phone’s potential.

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