improve your telecom services with these steps

5 Simple Steps to Improve Phone Signals for Business

You’ll be surprised how even a second of poor mobile signal can cost you a good fortune. 

Being in business, you already know how important it is to have your foundation set on impeccable grounds. Telecommunication is a crucial part of that foundation.

Consequently, we must do whatever it takes to maintain signal stability and keep our business running. 

Ready To Fix Your Connectivity Issues?

After researching, we’ve analysed a few good things that won’t be hard to find on the internet or simply by asking AI. 

It includes getting a signal booster, using Wifi calling, or having multiple sims.  

While these are good alternatives, businesses need to dig deeper. 

Effective digital transformation is the key to growth and success and is critical for your business’s survival. 

And connectivity is at the center of this digital transformation. Here’s how you can achieve it: 

Start with conducting a site signal survey

Even the most popular network might not have the best signals at your business location. 

According to Ofcom, the UK’s communications regulator, while EE boasts the widest 4G coverage reaching 99% of the population, only 74% of UK users report consistently good 4G performance. 

Practically, you can expect a gap between network coverage and actual user experience. 

Matt Howarth, telecoms expert at uSwitch

Our advice? Before setting up for any telecom service, check out which network works best in your area. If you’re already on one, it’s time to switch.

Communicate with an experienced dealer beforehand and discuss what issues you’re having. 

If you go for a network after a full coverage check, 80% of your network problems will already be minimised. 

But 80% is still not enough. 

Stay away from Network congestion

When the amount of data transmitted across the network exceeds the available bandwidth, it leads to congestion.  

If many people use the same cell tower at the same time, the network may become congested, which means weaker signals or dropped calls. 

Get on a network that offers 5G or has super fast 4G available in your area, and opt for data plans that are adequate for your requirements. 

Preferably, go for unlimited data plans so you don’t have to worry too much about it. 

Rather than looking at consumer plans, go for business ones. They come with value-added services that help improve your network’s overall performance. 

Upgrade your handsets

As technology standards for cellular networks improve, older iPhone and Android phones become outdated. Your older 3G phone won’t be able to tap into 4G LTE or 5G networks and will experience poor reception. 

Outdated phones also lack the features to prioritise and manage network traffic effectively, which hinders network administrators’ ability to prioritise certain types of traffic over others based on their importance. 

Lastly, older phones are more susceptible to errors and faults, contributing to network problems. This is not just limited to handsets. It also means your broadband. 

And while you’re upgrading or switching…

The best option is to go for a network that offers both broadband and mobile network coverage. This way, you’ll have one streamlined service for all your telecom needs. Add in the handsets too, and you’re set for the most productive telecom service.

Getting a phone on a business plan gives you much more value in the longer run, thanks to all the value-added services uniquely crafted for businesses like yours. 

Now you’re at 90% – still not enough. 

Get a service that cuts all the gibberish 

You need one contact number to resolve all your issues. Even with the best network on board, you will face technical problems, contract renewals, pricing issues, and so on that seriously affect your telecom’s quality and ultimately improves network signals. 

Give Your Business The Edge

We’re tech experts aiming to maximise your mobile and network’s potential. Along with taking care of your budget to see if you’re not paying too much for a crappy service. Before making any big decisions, why not book a meeting with us? It’s free and will give you a better insight into setting up the best telecom service.

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