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Best Black Friday deals on business phone plans in 2023

Black Friday is on! 

We’re getting sweet deals on data plans and handsets. Let’s quickly compare the best deals on business phone plans so you know better what to go for. 

Unlimited data at a discounted price on iPhone 15.

The brand-new iPhone 15 is now available with discounted data plans. The phone itself is not on discount. But with monthly payments and reduced data plan prices, the overall 

You can choose any network to get deals on this phone, and there isn’t much difference. Our pick, however, will be Vodafone again because of its network service, quality, and business add-ons.

Vodafone: 6-month half price on unlimited data plan 

iPhone 15 is available with half-price data plans for the first six months on a 24-month contract with Unlimited Max Xtra plan.   

The Deal: From £39 per month  £39 upfront

On a 36-month Phone Plan ( £21 a month) with a 24-month Unlimited Max Xtra Plan ( £18 a month, then £36 after 6 months) 

Learn more.  


 Let’s you save £3 per month. The discount is on unlimited data plans on 36-month contracts. The length of contract is flexible.

Deal: £32 upfront + £42 on a 36-month device plan. ( Data plan is for 24-months)  

Three: Save £180 on a 36-month plan.

Price starts from £20 upfront and £33 per month (saves £5 per month) with a 500GB data plan. 

It’s a good deal if you’re not looking for unlimited data plans. 

iPhone 14 Pro Max: Half Price on data plans


14 Pro Max comes with half-priced data plans for the first six months. Price starts from £43.80 per month £40.83 upfront. On a 36-month Phone Plan with a 36-month Unlimited Data Plan. 

iPhone 14:


Save £190 on a 36-month plan. 

Price: £10 upfront (was £20), £31 per month (saves £5 per month) 


Save up to £192 with £39 monthly on a 24-month contract with a 100GB data plan.


Save £180 on your data plan. £28.25 per month  £40.83 upfront. The deal is on a 36-month Phone Plan with a 36-month 8GB Data Plan 

Samsung Galaxy 23 Ultra 

This is the best phone to get as a Black Friday deal. As in this one, you get a massive discount on the phone.

On Vodafone

Save £609 on your data plan + Save £158.33 on the phone plan.

Prices from

£39.16 per month  £32.50 upfront

On a 36-month Phone Plan with a 36-month Unlimited Data Plan.  


Save £384 on a 24-month contract with unlimited data. 

£57 monthly cost. Price is flexible based on the monthly contract you sign. 

Google Pixel 8 Pro 

The newest phone to get a Black Friday deal. This phone is on discount along with the data plan.

At EE:

Save £432 on a 36-month plan with 100GB data. £34 monthly (price down from £46) 

At Vodafone

Save £609 on your Data Plan + Save £106.67 on your Phone Plan

£35 per month £24.17 upfront 

On a 36-month Phone Plan with a 36-month Unlimited Data Plan.

Still confused? Let’s simplify. 

While these are the best phones to go for in 2023, there are a lot of other handsets at discounted prices. Each has its perks, but you’ll save the same amount of money no matter where you get the deal. We’re just talking about business phone plans here. 

Ideally, you’ll go for the deal that offers the best discount, but we suggest going for deals with more long-term value. The best way to achieve this goal is to grab a deal and look for services that make it better. 

Lastly, If you’re looking for handsets only, you can get them at cheaper prices and pair them up with Sim-Only deals. 

Happy Black Friday! 

Give Your Business An Edge.

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