do i need 5g?

Do I need 5G?

5G in Somerset, UK

The buzz about 5G surrounds us, but do we need it? To answer the question, we need to know what 5G is. By the end of this post, you will be informed enough to come up with your answer.  

5G is the latest generation of mobile networks. Compared with 4G, it’s 10 times faster. 5G networks can ideally handle gigabytes of data per second. They can connect to numerous devices, communicating with all of them with ultra-low latency, giving us smooth customer interaction and a much faster response rate.

We need 5G for business boost, enhanced entertainment, lifestyle, health, and education. In short – for nearly everything that requires a smooth and fast network.

With the arrival of 5G, things will not only be faster but more virtually connected. 5G is about to revolutionise our world by improvising remote work, innovative ecosystems, augmented reality, and other endless business possibilities. 

Did you know? 5G is already creating an impact on the global economy:

According to an analysis done by PwC, It can add up to £43bn to UK’s economy by the end of 2030! Contributing to healthcare, consumer and media, smart utilities, manufacturing, and financial services. 

Now to decide better, check if you can boost your business or personal life with the following features and whether you need these in your daily life:

What can we do with 5G? 

How we use 5G features depends entirely on the nature of business or work. With more things connected to the internet working together, our business, work, and personal life will certainly get a great boost. Your production can be more precise, less time-consuming, and more relaxing. Management using 5G compatible devices is 50x easier and twice as productive. 5G is defined as the ‘enabler.’ With ultra-low latency and high speed, manufacturing processes, connectivity, and virtual experiences will get a boost, ultimately opening roads for better business opportunities.

Case  Study: How Rural Dorset Benefits from 5G.

Vodafone 5G started an R&D project in rural Dorset as a blueprint for 5G in rural Britain. Among many amazing features, one major advantage of 5G was providing precise and immediate data from fish farms that are at offshore sites. Martin Sutcliffe, the Aquaculture Development Officer at Dorset Coast Forum, said that it used to take a lot of fuel, carbon emissions, and labour costs to check those areas to see if any problems need to be resolved. With 5G, they can access all the data without being there, saving time and money.

Is 5G worth it?

We had the same question in our minds. Here is what we did to decide whether 5G is worth it. We thought about all the possibilities of how 5G can help us grow in business. (Hint: It’s worth it)

Think about how: 

5G networks can enhance your business productivity.

All your data is transferred or uploaded. Communication and connectivity upgraded to the next level, and integration with tech in milliseconds.

  • Having a faster, reliable network saves time. 
  • Synchronised 5G devices with ultra-low latency can be introduced into your business.
  • Integrated electronic devices or IoT optimises production rate and quality.
  • Increased response rates among clients help boost business.
  • More network availability gives better customer service and reliability.
  •  5G improves management systems. 

The Bottom line? With more time to focus on efficiency and resources to increase productivity, you can get much more done with a simple, hassle-free upgrade. The possibilities with 5G are endless, be it a small business, a general store, a café, or any other enterprise ready for growth and upgrade.

Get 5G for Your Business! 

Businesses in Somerset have three key priorities: Productivity, Affordability and Connectivity. 5G checks them all and we’re here to give you the best tech advice in town. Visit us to learn more about how you can use the maximum potential 5G has to offer. Worried about whether it’s available in your area? we’ll do a full network coverage check and give you proper solutions to get rolling on 5G.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I afford 5G?

5G Networks offer their existing data plans with 5G at no extra cost. Vodafone, EE, Three, and O2 have excellent plans with unlimited 5G data. You can explore all the plans and choose the best fit for you. 

When will 5G be in my area?

All major networks in the UK are continuously upgrading their infrastructure in all areas. So soon, every region and town will have 5G network coverage. You can check your network site to see if they offer a 5G network in your area. 

Can I upgrade to 5G with my phone?

Upgrading to 5G requires a 5G-compatible phone. Companies like Apple, Samsung, and Google have 5G-compatible smartphones; soon enough, all newly manufactured phones will be 5G compatible.

How can my business benefit from 5G? 

5G is being offered at no extra cost, along with business plans. This allows you to have seamless connectivity, zero network errors, and ultra-low latency for integrating your business with IoT. Ultimately benefitting your business in terms of efficiency, quality, productivity, and revenue. Contact us at or visit our nearest store, and we’ll discuss how 5G gives your business an edge.

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