Why you should pay for your employee's mobile phones

Why you should pay for your employee’s mobile phones

Right after surviving a global pandemic – we’ve fallen into inflation due to high energy costs. How can we thrive under all the pressure of inflation and rising costs? And what is the smarter thing for businesses to do? There is a simple solution: Pay for your employee’s Broadband and mobile phones.

Businesses are giving monthly allowance for internet and mobile expenses

It is becoming a common practice in the UK to provide employees with internet and mobile phone allowances as part of their employment package. In this age of inflation and the need for remote work, this incentive has gained more attention. 

Some employers provide a company phone or laptop for employees to use, while others offer a monthly allowance to cover the cost of internet and mobile expenses. It depends on the company how they can cover the telecommunication expenses. 

Companies like Google, Vodafone and Deloitte are known for giving generous employee perks which include telecom-related benefits. 

Google: Gives a monthly allowance to cover internet and phone bills and other fun benefits.

Vodafone: Being a telecom company, offers a wide range of benefits including a free phone with data plans. Also offers a discount on broadband and other services.

Deloitte: Famous for flexible working policies that include an allowance for broadband and phone usage.  

These are just a few top examples that show how giving these benefits is sustainable.

Paying your employee’s telecommunication bills helps. Here’s how: 

Telecommunication is one of the most expensive recurring costs for an average family. On average, a family spends more than £110 monthly on communication expenses, including home broadband, mobile phones, and SIMs. This makes communication one of the most significant monthly expenses for an average household.

Giving handsets to your employees under business contracts gives them a huge edge. Similarly, covering the monthly communication bills helps employees to cope with the rising costs of food products and fuel costs.

The result: Employee retention and job satisfaction. Which just might be the key to keeping your business afloat. 

But isn’t getting handsets for each employee even more expensive?

Business plans are different from consumer plans

They come with a good deal of additional benefits which can in the long run help your business sustain as we deal with inflation. 

Contracts have flexible prices 

Gives enough room to save a budget. Phone contracts have 0% interest so you can use your bank savings to pay the monthly costs and actually save more money.  

It might be cheaper than other ways to retain employees 

We all want to retain valuable employees. And it’s important to take care of them during tough times, as they might be looking for other ways to earn money. Especially when they are not happy with the current employee benefits. 

The highest factors that employees demand to cope with inflation are flexible timings and pay raises. 

Both have their perks but might not be suitable for your business model. In such cases, it is often the cheaper and smarter way to pay for their handsets along with phone and internet bills. Or at least cover the monthly expense.

Happier employees

Happy employees are the driving source of your business. With their mobile and internet bills covered up, they’ll work with a higher motivation level. On top of that, you can take care of their entertainment needs by subscribing to any streaming service at discounted prices.

Business Productivity Increases

All your employees being on the same network and handset gives your business seamless connectivity and gains reliability. Your employees will be better integrated with each other and will be more obliged to work knowing that their communication bills are paid. 

Fulfils your business communication needs, adding reliability

Every business requires mobile and broadband and along with it, productive employees. If you can mark all these three factors in one go then you’ve got a higher chance to succeed. Broadband and handsets often come together as a bundle discount. And having all your employees’ handsets from one provider will ensure all your communication needs are fulfilled.

Give your Business an Edge.

Can’t go for the solution mentioned above? Here’s how you can deal with the cost of living crises. Learn more about us and feel free to contact us for further info. info@initiis.co.uk

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