What's new in samsung galaxy z flip and why it's worth trying for business

What’s new in Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5?

The New Samsung Z Flip 5 is quite handy for business. But a few questions pop into our head: Is it the right phone for me? How is it different from the Flip 4? 

Galaxy Z Flip 5 arrives with a bigger screen (and price) | Express.co.uk

With each new generation, Samsung’s flip series is leaping for perfection. While there’s a debate on its price and functionality, the phone is still stunning and hard to miss.

If you haven’t joined the Flip Side yet, we’re here to tell you that the Flip series has the potential to be your ultimate work partner. So it’s worth a shot to try it out for your work. 

Why Flip 5 can be your next phone for business. 

What’s the most important thing in a phone for any business owner? You need a phone with the best connectivity, security, durability, performance, user interface, and battery life. 

Granted, you can find this in other high-end phones, but when you’re always on the go, it’s pretty convenient to have a phone that flips. 

This phone’s size (both when folded and unfolded), functionality, features, build, style, and software set it apart. It’s not just a phone you can flip; it adds much more convenience and productivity to your day.

The cover screen is now bigger.

Imagine being on the run, grabbing all the stuff you need for a meeting, and you get a text from your favorite client that needs a quick response. This is where you can instantly use the flex window to type a quick response without opening the phone.

Flip 5’s new 3.4-inch flex window is the handiest gadget.  

It’s a big folder-like screen with features giving instant access to tasks. You can pick up calls, use the calendar, browse galleries, check emails or notes, and even use a front camera without flipping the phone open. Pinch out to skip between the apps,  and customise it to flex your personality and style. 

Flip 5 makes work on the go much easier and gives your day more power.

Since this is the 5th generation of foldables, it has improved impressively. Unlike the old Flip 4, which had a noticeable gap in between, the Flip 5 completely shuts off, making it thinner and more compact for handling. Add the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processing chip and the latest Android OS, and you get much more power to handle the business pressure. Protected with corning gorilla glass, scratch and water-resistant, and now with a more durable hinge, the phone is reliable and fun to use.  

The best part about this phone, as Samsung calls it, is POCKETABILITY.

When folded, the phone is like a wallet, making it ideal for traveling. And simply unfolding it to a 6.7-inch screen, opening up all your business in your palm.  

And lastly, flex mode is an amazing additional feature. 

Flipping a phone means bending it to 90 degrees, making one screen your display and the other half your control panel. It gets easier when you have more control, whether it’s a video call, photography, or editing documents.  

Give Your Business the Flipping Edge.

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