5 factors to consider when buying a new phone

5 Factors to Consider When Buying a New Phone

Factors to Consider When Buying a New Phone

How picky are you when choosing a phone, and what do you look for? Lucky for us, a huge range of phones is available to look for. Having a phone that meets your needs is always a pleasure. To simplify things, we’ve fished out a few common things that a regular customer needs to consider when buying a new phone. 

Phones are not just a productivity or communication tool; they are a brilliant way to express ourselves. We use them for our unique hobbies and tasks. This is why we look for everything that matters to us when buying a new phone. From design to features, they need to give great performance, offer more personalised features, and be within our budget.  

Design and Style

Regular customers care about the design of a mobile phone. They are looking for a phone that’s trending and in style. 

What phones have the best design and style?

Samsung takes the lead with its flip and fold 4 series, which are fun to use and highly add up to productivity. Similarly, the new Samsung S23 Ultra and S23 Ultra have a sleek, edgy design that catches the eye. If you’re going for something simple, Google Pixel and iPhone series have simple designs in various colours.


We love a phone that can meet our expectations without breaking the bank. 

Our pick:

There are many great phones available for an affordable price. Here are a few of the best options:

Google Pixel 6a: A great all-around phone that offers many features for a very reasonable price. It has a large, vibrant display, a powerful processor, and a great camera system.

Samsung Galaxy A53: Another great option for an affordable phone. It has a sleek design, a long-lasting battery, and a quad-lens rear camera system that takes great photos and videos.


Battery affects the usability, convenience, and reliability of the phone. We need long-lasting battery life to support our usage patterns and phone habits. Batteries should also be safe and durable, with processors smart enough to manage battery life. 

What makes the best battery? 

You want to look for charging capacity that is measured in mAh units. For example, a 3000 mAh battery can power up a phone for 30 hours if it uses 100 mA an hour. So ideally, the higher the number, the longer it will last.

Camera and all other features.

The camera is one of a mobile phone’s most popular and sought-after features. We’re looking for a phone with a high-quality camera to take clear, sharp, and vivid photos and videos in different modes and settings. Bonus points for a phone with a user-friendly camera app, offering various options and tools to edit and enhance our images and clips. 

And by features, we mean everything: Starting from the operating system and ending at the back camera. A phone with unique and innovative features enhancing our user experience will make our lives easier and more fun. 

Display and Screen Size: Best displays to look for are OLED, and AMOLED display. Screen size depends on your preference. 

RAM: For smooth and fast running, go for at least 6GB RAM if your phone usage is high. Samsung and Xiaomi phones even come with 12 GB RAMs for ultra power.

What features to look for in a camera?

Here are some factors to consider when choosing a phone with a good camera:

Number of cameras: The more cameras a phone has, the more versatile it will be. 

Sensor size: The larger the sensor, the more light it can capture, resulting in better photos and videos.

Lens aperture: The aperture is the opening in the lens that lets in light. A wider aperture (lower f-number) lets in more light, which is good for low-light photography.

Image stabilisation: Image stabilisation helps to reduce blur caused by camera shake.

Software features: Some phones have software features that can improve the quality of your photos and videos, such as portrait mode and night mode. 

Giving your decisions an edge.

Don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you want about the phone. Research the specifications, find the best deals, and pair it up with the best network. Visit our shop for exciting deals on premium phones and learn more about us. For any query, contact us at info@initiis.co.uk 

Enjoy new experiences with your phone!

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