What network should business customers in Somerset go for

What network should business customers in Somerset go for?

Somerset is a place where it can have amazing network coverage in some places and no signal at all in others. However, mobile networks have had recent developments in the area giving reliable network speed and coverage all across Somerset. 

The best networks for business are undoubtedly the big four Networks in the UK: Vodafone, O2, Three and EE.

Among these four, there is no clear winner. Or in other words, All four networks are winners. Try having second sims on a different network, and check each one out to find the network most suitable for you.

Try out Each network 

Give each network a chance. See if it’s giving you the best features suiting your business. Vodafone and O2 offer 14 days as a trial period which should be enough to know whether it’s the best fit for your business. 

Go dual

Have handsets with dual sims and go for two different networks. That way, even if you can’t receive signals on one network you will have a backup option. 

Use Network Status Checker

Before getting any plan, go to each network’s website and check the Network status checker. Put in your location and see what is the signal situation in your area. You will feel much more confident after knowing your network has good coverage.

Visit stores for the best advice

Go to all of Network’s retail stores nearest to you and have a good conversation with them. Tell them your business needs and what you want out of your network. They will not only guide you well but will also suggest the best business plans.

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Best 5G Coverage

5G is ready to boost your business. All major networks are offering 5G for free with their standard plans. It is improving lives everywhere and it’s specifically more beneficial for Businesses.

EE has the best 5G coverage in Somerset followed by Three. Vodafone offers 4G and 4G+ signals that are as good as 5G or even faster at times giving an average of 160 Mbps in areas like Taunton.

While we covered what 5G is and what it means for us, Here’s a small review about 5G coverage in Somerset for Business customers looking forward to it. 


5G is rolling out fast. In Somerset, for now, EE has the greatest 5G coverage in Bath, Weston Super Mare, and also covers a good range in Taunton. Overall EE provides 5G in 107 locations out of 120 in the UK including some locations in Somerset. Taunton and Bath are on top of the list. 


In second place comes Three with 5G coverage in 105 locations out of 120 in the UK, beating Vodafone and O2 networks in the 5G run, It gives great 5G coverage in Yeovil, Taunton and Bath.


O2 comes third here, as it does not have as good 5G coverage as three does. Although it provides 5G coverage in 81 locations out of 120, it is denser and concentrated in limited areas for now.


Does not have good 5G coverage in Somerset yet, but it has amazing 4G, 4G+ and 3G covering most of Somerset. 

While other networks have more concentrated signals in different areas, Vodafone is evenly spread out giving consistent network coverage in most areas. Vodafone is now focusing on spreading out 5G in Somerset as well. Until now 5G has spread among 66 locations in the UK, and now it’s growing further.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 5G always faster than 4G?

Since 5G is relatively new, its infrastructure and reliability vary in different areas. Especially in Somerset, where signals can get a little unreliable, sometimes it’s better to have a more stable connection than a super fast one. Speaking of speed, 5G is not necessarily always faster than 4G. With 4G and 4G plus signals having better infrastructure in your area, chances are that it will give better performance than 5G. The Best way is to check your signal speed.

Why is Vodafone turning off 3G?

Vodafone decided to turn off 3G so they can focus on improving 4G and 5G signals. Vodafone has now a geographical advantage over other networks with its fast and stable 4G and 4G+ signals all over the UK. It is now focusing on 5G infrastructure as well.

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