Best Network Coverage for Business Customers in Somerset

Best Network Coverage for Business Customers in Somerset

New to the place? firstly, welcome to Somerset, you’ll love it here. Secondly, after settling down or starting up your business, you will have trouble while choosing the ‘Best’ Network, and it’s never easy. Because Somerset is a county, it often struggles with network coverage and quality. Rather than going through a frustrating experience, read this blog or send us an email and we’ll sort things out. 

Vodafone, EE, O₂, and Three all work in Somerset, However, network coverage and signal strength depend on the area you’re in. Check out each network’s status checker to know which signal is best in your area.

However, simply checking the coverage area might not be enough. You have to look at prices, deals and benefits each network gives to get the best value. Also, while we’re talking about the best network, it’s important to note that there is no clear winner because each network has its perks, and the best network coverage varies across the whole country. As a result, any one of them can be the best fit for your business. 

Vodafone – The Biggest

Vodafone is the oldest and most extensive network in the UK. The network has no match in its area coverage and customer service. It is one of the best in solving customer problems and provides the best deals in both business and customer plans. 

In Somerset, its coverage is excellent! However, in rural areas, Vodafone may have limited coverage. 

These are the top five locations where Vodafone provides the best 2G and 4G network coverage:

Taunton Bath Weston Super Mare
Yeovil  Bridgewater  Street

These locations also have Vodafone’s retail stores for better outreach. So if you’re near these areas, not only will you have good network coverage but also great customer support. While talking to Sam, the marketing manager. We asked if he could do a little speed test in Taunton and he gave us an average of 174 Mbps as his answer. Similarly, we got 160 Mbps in Bath. 

Other than these areas, there are 2G and 4G signals available in the following areas but they are a little condensed.

Frome Wells Minehead Chard
Wellington Shepton Mallet Glastonbury  

Vodafone spreads out in further locations as well, if you’re unsure you can use their network status checker to confirm whether they have good network coverage in your area. 

EE – The Fastest 

EE is currently known as the fastest network provider. It surpasses Vodafone in terms of speed and has good performance overall. If we talk about customers, EE has established its customer base in a short period. With 32 million customers it holds the most extensive customer base among the top networks. However, being fast is different from being available. Somerset in terms of signals can be unreliable at times. Due to its high rural-to-urban ratio, you might get good calls in one place and no signals in a different place. So while speed is great, the most important thing is reliability. 

Here are some cities with the best signals in Somerset covered by EE:

Trowbridge Wells Bath Yeovil
Bridgewater Taunton Glastonbury Weston-Super-Mare

O2 – The Runnerup

O2 is speeding up with 31.3 million subscribers. It comes with good sim-only deals and gives cheaper plans to get a competitive edge. While O2 is catching up, it is still behind Vodafone and EE in terms of speed and performance. However, in terms of 4G and 5G coverage, it gets a slight edge in rural areas here Vodafone might have condensed signals, but O2 has good coverage there.

Three – A worthy Competitor

The fourth largest Network, with 9.9 million subscribers is breaking ground in 5G. It has the fastest 5G yet, according to Ookla. Other than that, Three provides good value for money. Despite good plans and the Fastest 5G, Three lags behind Vodafone and EE in terms of speed and performance. However, Three has established good grounds for 5G and has great network coverage. 

Comparison Table: Network Coverage in Somerset

Network 3G 4G 5G
Vodafone 99% 99.7% 7.7%
EE 93.2% 98.9% 64.3%
O2 97.9% 100% 16%
Three 90.6% 64% 19%


With four big competitors, each network gives out the best. However they all have some good advantages or disadvantages over one another, it can be prices, deals, quality, speed or coverage area. For the best experience try them out during the free trial or have multiple sims on different networks and see which network suits you best

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