Why is my iPhone renaming itself?

Why is my iPhone renaming itself? How to fix it?

If you’re here, chances are your iPhone changed its name. iPhone started showing a random number in parentheses making us worried about our phone security. Relax, the reason is a tad funnier and there’s nothing to worry about. Your phone is perfectly fine.

When you name your iPhone – well, ‘iPhone’. it changes its name in the device list when using Bluetooth or public Wi-Fi to distinguish your phone from all other devices connected to it. To get rid of the problem, change your iPhone name to something unique like David’s iPhone, etc. 

While having a weekly meeting with our teammates, David pointed out how his iPhone in the device list has random numbers in brackets like: ‘iPhone (153). He asked if other iPhone users are having the same issue, and was worried about whether it was a software bug or some security breach. After discovering the problem, we figured everyone else might be having the same issue and it’s best to address it. So here are a few good reasons why your iPhone is changing names itself. 

What causes the iPhone to put random numbers in its name?

The main cause is to differentiate your device from all the other iPhones connected to the same Bluetooth or Wifi. The number may vary from time to time, whenever you will reconnect your device to the router especially if you connect to several networks from time to time. This is only to give your phone a unique name.

How to Fix it 

The problem may be resolved on its own when it is addressed by Apple itself, but for now, the easiest way is to change your iPhone’s name to something more distinct. 

Here’s how to change your iPhone name:

  • Go to Settings > General > About > Name
  • Type the new name like “David’s iPhone” after tapping X and then tap done.

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