what you need to know about phone battery maintenance and usage

What You Need to Know About Phone Battery Maintenance and Usage

Leaving the myths behind, if you’re struggling with battery issues, here are some hot tips that can ultimately tone down your battery usage and gives you more battery over the day.    

Keep your battery away from extreme temperatures.

Don’t leave it out in the sun or anywhere too hot. Extreme temperatures are the enemies of batteries. Phones are now equipped to deal with slightly harsh temperatures, and it will warn you about battery issues or prompt you to turn it off when things get tough. 

Check your phone’s battery health from the settings.

How good is your battery health? If it is 80% or above, you have nothing to worry about and a few more good years to enjoy. You can also see what apps drain the most battery and what measures you can take to improve battery life drastically. 

If it is below 80%, it’s time for a battery replacement or an upgrade if your phone is 4-5 years old.

What about the chargers? Do they affect battery life?

Does not matter too much what type of charger you’re using. The best advice here is to use a quality charger or the one that comes with the phone. Fast and wireless chargers degrade battery life, but again, using them will not dramatically affect your battery life. So there’s no harm in using them. 

The only thing to avoid is chargers or cables that cause overheating.

Usage Tips

1. Screen time

Keep an eye on the battery performance app. It tells you what apps are draining more battery and does not permit heavy apps to run in the background unless necessary.

2. Accessories: Smart Watch helps in saving battery (whaat!?)

Excess is sometimes good. If you are finding excuses to get that sleek smartwatch, this one could be it. Wearing a watch might feel like it’s draining more battery with a Bluetooth connection, but Bluetooth is not the main culprit here. Mostly, the battery is consumed by network coverage and screen usage. Wearing a smartwatch significantly reduces screen usage, which saves more battery. 

3. Network Usage and cell standby

5G significantly consumes more battery. Turn it off when not needed to save more battery. Similarly, cell standby (an app that searches to catch signals) will consume a lot of battery when you’re in areas with little to no signal. In this scenario, turn on flight mode and use wifi instead to preserve battery.

4. Power Saving Mode: The solution to it all 

They call it power save or battery save for a reason. Whenever you’re having battery troubles, your best shot is to turn up the power-saving mode and let it handle your battery. 

If your battery is consistently underperforming, it’s time to check it.

2023 is not the era to micromanage your battery. Keep it away from extreme temperatures, and get a wireless charger if you’re a heavy phone user. Other than that, enjoy your battery while it lasts! 

Give Your Phone an Edge.  

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