What are samsung's enterprise hadsets and how are they different from regular samsung phones

What are Samsung’s Enterprise Handsets?

Finally, handsets that speak business! Samsung’s Enterprise Edition offers

unique business solutions that are pretty hard to miss. Especially when you’ve got handsets rolling for all your employees. 

Businesses require more power, security and reliability and for that, Samsung Enterprise Edition gives us: Defence Grade security, incredible device management and more control over all corporate-owned handsets. 

What’s different in Samsung’s Enterprise Edition?

The latest software version on all devices

Samsung Enterprise Edition smartphones offer E-FOTA (Enterprise Firmware Over-The-Air) support. This feature gives businesses complete control over firmware updates, ensuring that all work devices in the fleet are running the latest software versions. By centrally managing firmware updates, companies can mitigate vulnerabilities and keep devices up to date, reducing the risk of security breaches. 

Enterprise Edition Devices are available for longer periods at the same prices.

Stay on your favourite devices for the long run and get the same devices for your new employees irrespective of their availability in the market. Enterprise Edition phones will always be available for you whenever you need them. 

What is Knox Suite?

Samsung’s Enterprise Edition smartphones come with Knox Configure, a comprehensive mobile security platform. This feature ensures that sensitive company data remains protected and prevents unauthorised access. 

With Knox Configure, businesses can customize security policies and settings to meet their specific requirements, providing an additional layer of defence against potential threats. 

What does Knox Suite offer?

Top Notch Security 

Cyber threats get serious when it comes to corporate data. With data more vulnerable to threats, enterprises need to upgrade their security. Knox Suite supports IT admins to secure important data and gives an enhanced secure ecosystem. Enterprise Edition’s hardware comes with government-grade security for the best possible data protection.

Device Health Check Remotely 

Keep your phones in optimum health by Knox Attestation. Checks your device health remotely at any time. 

Robust Data Protection and On-device firewall 

Get two layers of protection for data encryption along with a device firewall. Stealing data out of your phone will be mission impossible with advanced network security. 

Advanced Network Security

Samsung Enterprise Edition smartphones receive firmware and security updates for an extended period of four years. This ensures businesses can rely on consistent performance and protection throughout the device’s lifecycle. With regular updates, organisations can address emerging security threats promptly, safeguarding sensitive company information and minimizing potential risks. 

Set up Work Devices Instantly 

Device management, connections and unboxing are exciting when you’re setting up devices for new employees. But things get messier when you have to deploy all devices, teach employees how to use everything and set up their EMM. This is where Knox Suite helps by letting IT admins enrol corporate devices remotely and automatically making the process easy peasy. 

More Control

With the Enterprise edition, you can keep control over all devices from the beginning. You can also set up new devices simply by using Bluetooth or Wifi. Knox Suite makes it super easy by giving automatic credentials to all employees and setting up EMMs is easier than ever. Don’t worry if you’ve got your own EMM. Knox suite integrates well with your applications. Colleagues Assemble! 

Manage all devices

You’ve got IT infrastructure, handsets and all things mobile. Any loose management in this ecosystem can be trouble for your business. With an understanding of this, the Enterprise edition makes all devices compliant with your IT policies. It offers comprehensive and fine-tuned device management features enabling your workforce to be fully focused on what they do best. Device management takes care of phone tracking and can troubleshoot remotely so your employees have nothing to worry about.

Automatic Policy Application

Allow apps to be used based on location, time and connection status. or lockdown mobile devices for dedicated purposes to ensure complete focus. This is massively helpful when you want your team dedicated to specific tasks.

Get the most out of your business devices.

With Enterprise Edition for everyone, your employees can focus on things that matter without worrying about their devices or data being insecure. These handsets give IT more control and add incredible value to your work. 

Wait, there’s one last awesome thing: 

With Knox Suite, you can analyse device usage patterns and use them to your advantage. For example, app usage can help you understand what app is the most useful. Track your devices, manage them remotely and control all actions to let the magic happen in your business! 

Try enterprise edition phones to see the difference yourself. We’re currently offering these handsets at our stores in Somerset. Visit our website and consult us to learn more.

Give Your Business an Edge. 
Talk to us for further queries: info@initiis.co.uk

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