top 10 phones that hold their values

Top 10 phones that hold their value

When it comes to the top 10 phones that hold their value, Apple phones outperform their rivals in value retention, as the latest tech depreciation report shows. As an example, the iPhone 13 Pro Max lost 44.6% of its value compared to Samsung’s S22, which lost around 63.3% of its value by the end of December. 

In 2023, the trend remains the same, with iPhones holding 49.87% of the market share in the UK, followed by Samsung at 30.52%.  

Making it clear that the top 10 phones that hold their value are from Apple and Samsung. 

iPhone 14 Pro Max: The first among the top 10 phones.

It’s one of the greatest phones on earth. The hype for this phone remains till the next phone is announced around September 2023. And even after that, this phone will have the biggest resale value.

It’s not just that it’s the latest iPhone. It’s also the best one. It has the highest performing chipset A16, an incredible set of triple cameras with a more powerful lens than its previous generations. And a battery life that can last up to 29 hours.  

Price at Initiis starts from £1,199

iPhone 14 Pro

The same goes for the iPhone 14 Pro. Although it offers less than Pro Max, it’s pretty close to it. It has a smaller screen, which is often preferred over larger screens, and its battery life is less, giving 23 hours of video playback as opposed to pro max giving 29. 

With the A-16 bionic chipset being the most powerful chip in a smartphone yet, making the phone’s AI a lot more fun and powerful, this phone comes in second place and will certainly have value for a long time.

Price at Initiis starts from £1,099

iPhone 14 

It may not be pro or max, but it still gets a lot of attention being the new iPhone, and – it’s a powerhouse as well. 

iPhone 14 does offer more battery with 7 hours of increased video playback. New camera features and the notch design make the iPhone 14 slightly better than its previous generation.

Price at Initiis starts from £849

iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max 

Despite being a year old, the phone still holds a resale value of £620 today. If you’re not looking for an upgrade, as most of us want to stay longer with our handsets, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is an excellent phone to hold on to. The biggest reason is that it has the same chipset that the iPhone 14 comes with. 

And there’s NOT a huge difference in specs between iPhone 14 and iPhone 13 models. 

The significant changes are in the notch and camera (and the iPhone 14 includes crash detection and SOS via satellite). If These differences are ignored, the iPhone 13 Pro Max almost gives the same performance at a lower price. 

iPhone 13 Pro Max:

  • Trade-in value: Up to £630
  • Price at Initiis: £1,049 

iPhone 13 Pro:

  • Trade-in value: Up to £605
  • Price at Initiis starts from: £974 

Update: There’s a new phone in town! Check out the awesome iPhone 15 and 15 Pro. These phones are absolutely made to last longer. 

Samsung Galaxy S Series: The top phones that hold their value among android phones.

Up next in top 10 series, comes Samsung. These phones have a hard-earned reputation as high-end Android smartphones. They have a great build and performance, and due to their interactive features and longevity, they can hold their value for a long time.

Android has endless companies, and each comes with innovative phones everywhere. It takes a lot of work to compete in a market with immense competition. Xiaomi, Oppo and Google are now coming strong to compete in this sector, but Samsung still holds the market. It does that because it has a strong R&D department and always delivers the best experience to its users. And thus, the galaxy S series make their way to the top 10 phones that hold their value.

S23 Ultra

S23 Ultra comes with One UI 5.1 and Android 13 giving a super interactive performance. It is considered the best Android phone (in style and performance) as it has a pen for more fun interaction with your smartphone with no compromise on camera, processor or battery life. 

S23 Ultra is the ultimate phone that will hold its value for longer.

  • The current price starts from £1600

S23 and S23 plus

Samsung announced that their recent phones, like iPhones, will get updates for at least four years. This single decision certainly increases the value of phones for a longer duration. Because even if you sell your phone after years, it will have the latest software and compete directly with new phones, hence retaining its value. 

  • Price at Initiis:  S22 at £770 and S22 plus at £950 

Galaxy S22 ultra and S22 : Still good enough to be in the top 10 phone series list.

Going back to 2022, the best phone with value will be the S22 Ultra. The biggest reason is it’s closeness to the S23 series. The phone has a sleek design that is still one of the best designs of 2023 almost giving same performance as the new S23 (other than camera). Available at a price range starting from £1150. 

  • Trade-in value: up to £450

Looking for more ways to increase value for money?

So there you have it. Starting from iPhone and ending with Samsung series, these top 10 phones will hold their value. Choosing the best phones that hold their value for yourself and for your employees becomes more important when you’re running a business. We want to save our money or invest to get the best value. Visit us to learn more about how to grow your business. Teaming up can help you choose the most suitable technology for your business.

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