Supercharge your hotel management with these three essential apps

Supercharge Your Hotel Management with These 3 Essential Apps

Running your business is a dream come true. Get a cool place in town, hire staff, create a menu, and put on a cosy board welcoming guests to book a room. But it all comes with a price. You have to manage everything. Cope up with stress, pay all the bills, advertise your hotel, and ensure guests are having a blast. In all this, we end up missing out on life. We’re working all day, and the output is still not booming. This is not what we dreamed of! 

Luckily, technology has advanced so much that we can sit back and relax. It gets easier when things get done with taps on the phone. In pursuit of such ease, we highlight these amazing apps that you must try to streamline your hotel business.  


The All-in-one hospitality management suite.

What’s it for?

After starting up your hotel or B&B, when it comes to management, Step one is to ensure that your guests can easily book their rooms. They don’t have to wait too much at reception, and there is no confusion when you have a full house. Similarly, you need an app to check all your payments.

 Eviivo is the best app to streamline all these processes. Here’s why:

Channel management

Eviivo integrates with over 30 online travel agencies (OTAs), including Airbnb,, and Expedia. This allows properties to list their properties on multiple channels and manage their bookings in one place.


Communicate with guests through various channels, including email, SMS, and WhatsApp. This helps keep your guests informed about their bookings and supports them.


Eviivo generates reports that can help you track your bookings, revenue, and expenses. This information enables us to make informed decisions.


Hospitality’s Leading Digital Key.

Step Two: Offering your customers greater flexibility and ease. OpenKey is a contactless solution that can help hotels improve the guest experience and reduce costs. OpenKey connects to a hotel’s property management system (PMS). When a guest checks in, they are given a digital key that is stored on their smartphone. When they arrive at the hotel, they can use their smartphone to unlock their room door. 

It is secure, has easy access, and is compatible with all smartphones.


Step 3: Take a better look at your finances! 

Reduced costs by automating tasks, such as pricing and forecasting.

Pricepoint is a revenue management system that uses artificial intelligence to help hotels set the right room prices. It analyses historical data, current market conditions, and expected demand to calculate the optimal price for each room. You can also set prices for other hotel products and services, such as food and beverage, spa treatments, and laundry services.

Pricepoint has enough potential to increase hotel revenue by an average of 19%. It is a proven app to improve hotel occupancy by an average of 13%. 

Give your Business an Edge.

Try out the apps and see the difference for yourself. Got any other favourites? let us know. We love to hear about innovative tech that makes a difference. Call us and see how you can use the best of tech. Contact us at

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