How to cut costs on Business Phone Plans - Analysis

How to cut costs on business phone plans to beat inflation.

With inflation increasing, and unreliable connections, digital connectivity and business phone contracts are becoming a hassle for businesses in Somerset. If we can understand how to cut connectivity costs and make the most out of our network and phone plans, we have a better chance to deal with inflation and other challenges. 

What’s the biggest challenge businesses face? 

Businesses have consistently faced economic shocks through pandemics, inflation, and trading barriers. A business survey in Somerset in 2022 shows that 85.3% of businesses agree that the impact of inflation has been a challenge, with 58.2% agreeing that inflation will be a challenge for them in the coming year. 

Another challenge faced by businesses in Somerset is digital connectivity. Which should not be a challenge in itself. But instead, it should help in overcoming inflation. 

Digital connectivity not only increases efficiency but also reduces costs. 

But then, where does the problem lie? 

It starts with the wrong network service provider and ends with device mismanagement, cybersecurity risks, and complicated connectivity bills. 

Bills are conventionally complicated and hard to review.

Busy schedules mean many businesses don’t have the time or resources to scrutinise their bills, and the complexity of these documents only worsens the problem. Because we never fully complete a bill review. It’s hard to break down usage at the individual connection level, making it nearly impossible to see where additional costs for calls or data are coming from. 

For example, for data international calls and roaming bolt-ons, roaming charges cost up to five times more than incorporating into packages. Where, in some instances, they can be free. 

Switching is a risk and hassle. 

Only 10% of businesses change their providers upon renewal. Most businesses tend to upgrade on the same network even if it’s not the perfect fit for them. 

Transferring all your employees’ data securely to new devices, and integrating them into business certainly consumes time and involves potential risks of losing data. 

Need for more awareness.

Add to that the need for more awareness about other options, and you’ve got a perfect storm. Resulting in poor control over expenses, potential misuse of devices, and a direct impact on your business’s bottom line. 

Get on the best business phone plans

To reduce costs and maximise profits, businesses need a service provider that aligns with their budget, needs, and goals.

Though evolving is hard and uncomfortable, it gets easier with one simple step: Contact Initiis. 

Presumably, to reduce connectivity costs, you need to switch to a business phone contract that streamlines your bills, makes the switching process easy and is there to resolve your issues.

We support businesses in every way to overcome these challenges. Giving you the best business phone deals to maximise productivity, an elaborate bill analysis to reduce costs, safely switching your data across, integrating all devices, and assigning a dedicated business manager to support you through any issue. 

Bill Analysis:

Helps businesses get affordable connectivity. 

Bill analysis makes it simple. It highlights the charges which can be incorporated into a new package for less and offers personalised usage needs for each connection. 

Gives you insight into what you’re paying for

The key to maximising your telecom budget lies in understanding your current package. A comprehensive review gives insight into how your network plan serves your business and where potential savings or efficiencies could be made.

Gives your business the edge. 

By paying attention to your telecom bills, you can gain greater control over your expenses and maximise your budget, and with suitable connectivity plans, you can increase your profit margin. 

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