How do you choose the best sim-only deals

How do you choose the best sim-only deals?

We know you already have a network package. You can also compare deals and get the best price, but will it be the best one? No. When in business, It’s not just about getting on a network that gives you a chunky amount of data. 

We’re looking for something that adds value, is reliable, and sets a foundation for uninterruptible communication.

The only problem is that with so many options available, finding the right network and the best sim-only deal for your business needs can be tricky. You must avoid poor service and hidden costs affecting your budget and productivity.

Below are the 5 top tips to help you pick the best Sim-only deal.

Check network coverage

Mobile network coverage varies hugely across the UK. This is why network coverage is an essential factor to look for.

Check the network coverage in your business area and ensure you have a great range. You can do this by using signal checker websites. Or a better option is to go for a full coverage check. This helps a lot, especially when you’re in business. You need to be completely sure about the network you’re on. Talk to your local service provider and ask if they have this service. We always provide a full coverage check before setting up a contract. 

Think about contract length and data needs

Decide whether you want a short-term or long-term contract.

Short-term plans offer flexibility, while long-term plans can provide cost savings with a longer commitment. 

You can choose between 1,12 or 24-month contracts for Sim-only deals. It’s best to estimate how much data you need before comparing sim-only deals and determining the length of contracts. 

Get roaming and international calls within the package

If your business involves international travel or calls, ensure the plan offers affordable roaming rates and international calling options. Otherwise, you’ll end up with extra charges and unexpected bills.  

Don’t compromise on customer and Business support

This is the most important one. Businesses need someone they can rely on whenever they have technical or contract-related issues. Be it contract renewal, cancellation, getting an upgrade, or new lines. There should be a dedicated account manager who personally knows you and can resolve the issues quickly. 

Assess the quality of customer support provided, and go for services that already have business support included in the package. This feature alone can make your telecoms the best in business.

Also, look for business solutions that add more value to your business. 


Consider plans that allow you to adjust your data, minutes, or add-ons if your business needs to change over time. Sometimes, flexibility in the contract length is what your business needs. Looking for providers that allow you to upgrade anytime will be good.

For example, with Vodafone, you can pay off your handset at any point, allowing you to upgrade or change your airtime plan to something more suitable for you at the time. Similarly, O2 offers to roll over unused data. 

Give Your Business an Edge

Finding the right sim-only deals can be challenging. You’re looking for an affordable and reliable service that gives you the best value for money. 

As a first step, give us a call to discuss your options. You’ll be glad with the support we provide, and it’ll make things easier for you down the road. 

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