How do Vodafone’s Business plan features work, and what are the benefits

How do Vodafone’s Business plan features work?

We’ve discussed what distinguishes Vodafone’s Business plan, but it’s important to understand what these features mean. Let’s have a look at these terms, so you can decide what works best for you.

Rapid Insurance

Mobile phones are critical for every business. You don’t want to be without one for even a half day. Rapid Insurance can save your day by bringing a new phone to you, unboxed and ready to use. The team will also retrieve all your data and contacts, so just relax until your new and ready-to-use phone is delivered.

The insurance cost is a maximum of £10 with the added benefit of a four-hour replacement. That saves £5 per month versus what consumer customers will pay for their insurance, and they don’t get a four-hour replacement. 

One net Anywhere 

One-net Anywhere provides customers with a single contact number which is a landline number. Having a single contact number gives your business. 

Get stability and reliability even when you’re on the move. For instance, we’re often away from our workplace, handing over business affairs to someone else or managing phone calls while on vacation. This is where one net anywhere helps us. Instead of having two or three different contacts, It’s easier for customers to have just one contact number to reach out to. 

PayPal Here

PayPal Here enables you to make secure payments without cash, allowing customers to use their preferred payment method. It’s completely Bluetooth-enabled with easy setup. Vodafone offers PayPal here with just a £54 one-off fee in a business plan, which is not overly expensive compared to other plans. Many business customers get this money back quickly, especially over Christmas, with pop-up shops and outdoor events. So you certainly want to look out for that. Go crazy this Christmas! And don’t forget to buy gifts for your employees 🙂

Device Support 

Be it your phone, tablet, wi-fi router, or printer. Your business relies on all the devices to run properly. What problems scare us the most when it comes to electronic devices? 

  • Will I lose my data?  – Device support provides cloud storage.
  • What if my device stops working? – Support is available seven days a week from 8 am-9 pm.
  • Is my data secure? – Device support provides bank-level encryption. 

Business Support

Running a business is not easy, but we’ve got you covered. The Vodafone business offers a business consultant that helps you at every step.

Business support provides legal and HR contract templates like employment terms and conditions, health and safety policies, etc. The team is available from Monday to Friday till 5 pm. Business support offers the first consultation session for free, followed by a 10% discount. It also provides support to handle staff issues by giving HR advice. These services are available on-call and in person as well. 

To sum things up, Vodafone’s Business solutions are top-notch. They are only here to help grow your business and to take away half of the stress we get because of these technological difficulties. We’ll be more mentally relaxed, our staff is more productive, and we’ll certainly have a business boost.

Give Your Business an Edge.

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