How do I cancel an ex-employees work phone contract

How do I cancel an ex-employees work phone contract?

Employees Work Phone Contract

Don’t we all crave easy and hassle-free processes? hard times occur when an employee leaves. Because then there’s the process of hiring a suitable replacement and cancelling contracts. In these times, business contracts can provide a bit of comfort, as you won’t have to buy a new contract or handset. You can simply transfer the handset to the new employee. 

Three easy ways to cancel an ex-employee work phone contract are: Call your assigned business manager or customer service by dialling 191, send a quick text at live chat and get a response or visit the nearest service provider store.

Business customers sign up for a business plan with handsets claimed as a business expense. The contract comes with some terms and conditions that make things easier. These terms are flexible, and any problem regarding business contracts can be resolved easily. 

Let’s take the example of Mark, who lives in Bridgwater and owns a fast-food restaurant. Suppose he recently bought handsets under a business contract from a carrier. Now, if one of his deliverers is leaving town, he will have to cancel the contract or transfer it to the new employee. Here’s what he’ll do:

Call Customer Service

Business contract assigns a dedicated team to each business group. You can always call or chat with your designated team to help you resolve any problem you have regarding the contract. Or in general about their services. 

Dial 191 for customer service and talk to an operator right now. 

Send a text at our live chat.

We’re all hooked up on the internet, and before calling anyone, we might search it on Google. In short, if you’re not a call person or cannot call for any reason, visit live chat and ask away questions. There will be an immediate response, and your problem will be resolved. 

Pop in to store

Nothing better than a personal visit to the store. We’ll have a chat with you to understand your concerns. 

We’re always trying to make things simple and hassle-free. We’ll ensure that our clients don’t have to get into frustratingly long and complicated contracts, and if any problem occurs, it can be resolved easily.

What if I don’t want to transfer the contract? 

You can cancel the contract if you’re unwilling to get more employees. However, that comes with a cancellation fee if the contract period is not ended yet. 

Transfer contract to new employee

A more suitable option is to transfer the contract to the new employee because there is a high probability that Mark will need a new delivery boy. The handset will be assigned to the new employee, continuing the contract and Mark’s business.

Give Your Business An Edge.

With high inflation rates, job vacancies reached 1.3 million in the UK in May 2022. (Office for National Statistics). This has led to wage increases as business owners compete to attract and maintain the number of workers in their businesses. In these times, having a business phone contract and providing employees with handsets you pay for can help for better employment growth and stability. Also, how can mobile tech enhance your business’s productivity? Visit our store for more info or get in touch with us at

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