Everything You Need To Know About Phone Warranty and Insurance.

Everything You Need To Know About Phone Warranty & Insurance

Phone Warranty & Insurance in Somerset

Phone Warranty and Insurance
The Ultimate Guide to Fully understand these Terms, and how they help you.

We’re sure you have dropped your phone and had your screen broken. You’re not alone, over 50 million phones break every year. So, it’s evident that there are screen protectors, back covers, and whatnot. We do everything we can to protect our precious phones. They are indeed the ‘apple’ of our eyes.  

Let’s cover the importance of all, how to claim them, and how they work. Whether you’re a regular customer or a business one, you will want to have phone repairs and replacements.

What is Warranty

Warranty period lasts for 12 or 24 months. Within this time if any software or internal fault occurs, it will be covered and fixed by the company free of cost. 

What is the difference between a guarantee and a warranty?

All phone companies other than Apple provide a 24-month phone warranty which means if any fault in internal hardware or software occurs, your phone will be replaced or repaired depending on the issue. 

Guarantee lasts for almost a month, in which if any fault is found in the phone, it will be replaced with a new one. The guarantee is for 28 days only. If your phone malfunctions within these days it will be replaced without any charges. 

Vodafone offers a total care warranty if you buy phones directly from there. Give your phone an additional 12 months of free-of-cost repair. 

For Apple users, the phone warranty is 12 months, and adding Vodafone’s total care warranty, you can have two years covered.  

What is covered in the warranty?

You’re covered for software malfunctions like black screens, phone stuck, or battery issues that occur during the first one or two years. Any liquid or moisture damage to the phone or accidental physical damage is not covered by the warranty. You can still send it for repair but it will be charged.

Physical damage to the phone, either by accident or intentionally will not be covered by warranty. Similarly, any liquid damage will not be covered by warranty. So we might wanna be careful next time we’re at the beach or listening to our favourite playlist in the steamy shower.

How phone warranties work

Claiming a warranty only works if the damage is internal and not caused by the customer. For example, if you bought a new phone and within two months, the battery has started to heat up or your screen goes black. Then we know it is a software issue coming from the manufacturer. 

Note that you cannot claim a warranty if there is any physical damage, even if it is not related to the phone’s internal problems. 

  1. Claiming phone warranty

Call customer service or visit the store to claim a warranty, tell them what the issue is, and make sure you’re claiming the warranty within the time limit.

That’s all you have to do, the rest is on us. You can either courier the phone to us or personally hand it over to us. 

What to do before handing over the phone for repair or replacement? 

  • Back up all your data. It will be lost once it gets to us because we probably will have to factory reset your phone :0
  • Remove all accessories like the back cover, stickers, or screen protector. It’s best to retain your SIM card and memory card too.
  • Disable ‘Find my phone, If you’re an Apple user. Relax, we won’t misplace your phone.
  • Report the issue you’re having with the phone, You will get a form to fill out and make sure your phone is not physically damaged and you’re having. 
  1. Eligibility check 

We will thoroughly check your phone and will let you know if the warranty can be claimed or not. We also make sure that there is no damage to the phone because that will cancel the warranty. Then we’ll use the software on our systems to make sure the fault being reported is covered by warranty. 

  1. We send the phone away…

Once the problem is diagnosed, we send it to a repairer. Or order a replacement if that’s more suitable. This procedure can take up to 10 working days.


Insurance is different from a warranty because you choose your insurance plan and pay for it when you buy the plan. Insurance covers all kinds of damages that are not covered in the warranty and it can be renewed, upgraded or cancelled while a warranty only lasts for 24 or 12 months.

For example, Vodafone offers good insurance features

  • Damage and Breakdown Insurance: Includes all damages not covered by the warranty. 
  • Standard Insurance: Includes damage and breakdown along with loss and theft.

Vodafone Rapid: Get a replacement phone or device within 4 hours. The phone will be unboxed and all set to go so you don’t have to put a halt to your business.

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