Do I need insurance

Do I need cellphone insurance in Somerset?

The Need Of Insurance 

Insurance is for emergencies. We get medical and car insurance because we know how expensive things can get when we face an accident or robbery. Phones are now deeply integrated into our lives, they are not just a source of communication anymore. It’s worth putting an extra layer of safety and security on your phones but it’s not entirely necessary. 

Your business does not need to stop if some employee loses or damages their phone. This is where a four-hour replacement comes in handy. Having phone insurance means minimising the effect of events you cannot predict. The best way to figure out whether you need insurance or not is to give it a try. You can cancel later if you feel like you don’t really get a lot of phone incidents. However, if anything does happen, insurance has got you covered. 

How do I get Cellphone insurance?

It’s as simple as getting a plan. When you’re subscribing to a business plan, add the insurance feature you want and you’re good to go. If you have already subscribed to a plan you can contact your account manager for more details or have a chat with customer service. 

A few things you need to know before getting insurance:

  • Insurance plans can only be included in Pay monthly plans. 
  • You can claim up to three devices in 12 months.
  • It does cover all the employees that are authorised to use handsets registered under business plans
  • Insurance covers phones lost/damaged or stolen even if you’re out of the UK

How much does phone and tablet insurance cost? | A General Estimate and comparison

Insurance plans depend on what device you are going for and from where you’re purchasing the handsets or contracts. As a general price comparison, here’s some info on what major networks are offering. It is encouraged that you call or visit stores to have a detailed understanding of these charges.

Vodafone’s Damage and Breakdown Insurance with the rapid feature start from £6 per month and the standard one with Vodafone rapid is £10 per month. 

EE also offers device insurance with a replacement promise in a day. EE insurance plans start from £2.40 monthly for damage cover only and increase when full coverage including loss and theft is added. 

Three insurance plans range from £4.00 to £7.50 with cheaper plans offering damage coverage and premium plans offering full coverage. They also deliver replacement within one day at least, costing extra charge. 

O2 offers different tiers of insurance plans ranging from £6 to £15. The replacement of the device in a day again costs an extra charge. 

Which one is the best?

Vodafone with a four-hour replacement certainly makes the cut. Three offers unlimited screen repairs because let’s face it – we all break our screens a lot. So, the best plan entirely depends on your requirement. If your business relies heavily on phones go with Vodafone. If you can live without your for a day or two, you have more options too because comparatively, all networks’ prices are reasonable. The only question is whether you need it or not. Let’s talk about that next.

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