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Everything you need to know before getting the new iPhone 15

The new iPhone series has been announced! with iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and 15 Pro Max. There are always two kinds of people: Oooh! a new iPhone or Ugh, NOT another iPhone! No matter what category you’re in, one thing is clear: you’re curious about what the new iPhone brings, and one question comes to mind: Is upgrading to the newest version worth it? 

iPhone 15 features uncovered

The iPhone 15 series offers a 6.1-inch or 6.7-inch screen, contoured edges, a 48 MP main camera, an A-16 chipset, a dynamic island, and better connectivity with long battery life, all at a similar price as the iPhone 14.

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Difference between iPhone 15 and iPhone 14:

Dynamic Island for Everybody: 

Previously only seen in iPhone 14 Pro, the dynamic island makes its way to the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus. 

It may look like a minor update, but it enhances the overall iPhone experience. And once you see how it works, it grows on you. It makes productivity more fun and the display notch much more interactive by showing map directions, match scores, flight gate numbers, music playlists, timers, or any app you’re using. 

 Finally, we get a USB-C Connector on all iPhone 15 versions. 

This is definitely one of the best distinguishing features of the iPhone 15. They finally have a USB-C connector for charging phones. Now you don’t need a special iPhone charger, any USB type C cable can charge your new iPhone.

All-Day battery life: iPhone 15 brings bigger battery life.

iPhone 15 has a 3,877 mAh battery capacity, and iPhone 15 Plus has 4,532 mAh, which is 18% bigger than the iPhone 14. It gives you up to 20 hours of video playback, which means you can easily enjoy your whole day (or even more).

Contoured edges and stunning colours

Pink, Black, Blue, green, and yellow with a textured matte finish and ceramic shield on the front certainly makes us consider getting one of these phones. The edges are now contoured rather than edgy, which makes it highly comfortable to hold. 

More screen space

Take a closer look and compare the iPhone 15 with other iPhones. You’ll see how the dark edges are thinner, giving a much bigger screen experience. 

Action Button 

The action button that was first only used as a mute button can now be assigned to any task you need instantly, like opening a camera, or flashlight, or maybe just a mute button.

 iPhone 15 finally brings 48 MP to camera!

After waiting a long time, Apple has upgraded its 12 MP main camera to 48 MP, which makes a huge difference. And that’s not it.

With advanced computational photography, the camera is now a wonderful engineering phenomenon ready to take stunning, vivid, and memorable pictures instantly. 

It has a 2x telephoto option for better optical quality, sensor shift optical image stabilisation for more stable images, and also has a continuous zoom feature to create fantastic videos. Last but not least, portraits are better: they are richer in colour and work great in low lights, thanks to smarter depth perception.    

Better Connectivity 

Lastly, what’s new in the iPhone 15 is connectivity. It brings new features such as Roadside assistance, which uses satellites for connectivity if you’re off the grid. Similarly, the ultrawideband chip can connect to other devices three times farther. 

Launch date: The iPhone 15 series will be available in store from 22nd September. Pre-order start from 15th September.

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